Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The most important family member

It has been requested (if I gave you two guesses by whom, I'm sure you'd be right!) that I post a picture of Lulu with our Christmas tree. I contemplated this before posting the ornament post but honestly, I had only wrapped the gifts at that point and they didn't have bows yet. I am certainly my mother's daughter, and I wouldn't dare show our full tree with ribbon-less gifts, so after finishing the bows last night I snapped these photos.

Note that I was waking Lulu from what apparently was a very comfortable slumber in our big chair, though I'm not sure how it's comfortable to lay at almost a 90 degree angle.

Then I put her jingle bell collar on, which made her even more grouchy....

After a few minutes and promises of a treat, she perked up!


  1. oh lady the tree, gifts and lulu all look lovely! i would have expected nothing less of you! merry christmas!

  2. "our big chair" in the first photo happens to be MY BIG CHAIR