Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15.5 week update

AK and I had a routine doctor's appointment today which went great! I got to hear his/her little heartbeat which will always be the highlight of my appointments I'm sure. His/her heart was perfectly normal at 160 bpm, though according to the old wives' tale, that means I can just say "her heart"...but we will see! All my labs from the first appointment were normal, and things seem to be right on track.

Next milestone (well, aside from kicking the morning sickness and wanting to go to bed at 8:30 p.m.) to look forward to in AK's development: feeling the first move/punch/kick. Hopefully that will happen in just a few more weeks!

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  1. Tanner had a heart beat of 160 initially and well he is a boy :-) His was actually often in the 150's, which I think is "supposed" to be a girl as well, but he is def. a boy...are you going to find out what it is? Can't wait either way!