Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why is the carpet all wet Todd?

Here goes nothing, on my first blog post that is publicly accessible (I do have an internal Lilly blog, but it's very lame). I want to cover three topics which are randomly on my mind:

1. I've been thinking about blogging and/or journaling for awhile now and was inspired to take the plunge today by Emmalee's blogging endeavor, Hangin' With Mr. Hinton. She is also the creative (and clearly alliterative) mind behind the title: Keeping Up With The Koriaths -- thanks Emmalee!! Anyway, I've recently become obsessed with my Google Reader and finding new blogs that I like to read, so maybe someone will actually read our blog. If not, that's OK because it serves another purpose too: I've had this feeling lately that I want to start creating things that future Koriath generations will be able to read for themselves to really understand who we are. Maybe it's related to my grandma's passing this summer (RIP Shorty! She would've been 100 on Friday) or my recent career experiences at the United Way, but I feel more of a desire to create a legacy than I ever have before.

2. We are really enjoying our new neighborhood and all the people we've met, but I often think that our neighbors probably think of us as Margo and Todd from Christmas Vacation. After all, we're the only people in the neighborhood without kids as far as we can tell, and we sometimes go running together (with Lulu, of course) on the nice one-mile loop through our subdivision. Tonight was especially Margo and Todd, as we were basically dressed alike for our run!

3. I declared today "Social Media Transition/Clean-up Day" for myself. You will no longer find me on Friendster or MySpace, but you will still find me on Facebook, obviously this new blog, and my most recent new obsession, Twitter (@nkoriath)! Blake also joined Twitter today (@bkoriath) once I told him about following UNC basketball players and a few Pacers. I'm quickly really enjoying Twitter as I just don't feel like Facebook has been very reliable lately with providing timely status updates and notifications.

With this, I'm going to call it a night! I'll try to come up with more exciting topics for future blog posts...or just make Blake do the writing :)


  1. LADY! love the blog already and YOU CAN REST ASSURED I WILL BE CHECKING REGULARLY! 10-4.